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Friday, April 27, 2012

Graduation & A lil' update!!

AHHH, it seriously has been forever!! Today was an amazing day. I can FINALLY say that I am part of Utah Valley University ALUMNI. That is right, today I FINALLY Graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Science with a major in Elementary Education. It feels so amazing, and I am so proud of my accomplishment!!!

My little family is doing amazing. Dustin is working as a lineman Electrician and is loving it!! Kaysten is SIX MONTHS OLD in TWO days!! Where did the time go?!?!

Some things he is doing:
Talks and jabbers all the time. It is so cute he says HIIIII and Get CHU- (well it sounds like that)
I will make a pouty face, and he will make one right back and start crying, SAD but SOOO CUTE!
He can roll over like CRAZY!!
He is starting to scoot around!!
He loves his dad so much, and it is SOOO CUTE!!! :)
He loves to hit things to make noises!!
He loves his bouncer!!

Here are some pictures of today, and of our little guy playing!! I couldn't have earned my degree without the love and support from my family and Dustin's family!! Everyone has helped so much, especially Watching Kaysten when I have been doing homework and been at school. I am so glad they helped me out and I stuck with it!! THANKS GUYS-- LOVE YOU ALL!!! :)

Life has been soo good!!

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